About us

Cornelius Orchard & Farm offers a quiet and peaceful retreat for your special day.

Our Location

Conveniently located on South 53rd Street in Corvallis, Oregon, Cornelius Orchard & Farm is an ideal location for your wedding and reception.  This unique country venue is secluded, yet close to town, with easy access from I-5 and Highway 20.  While much of the 106-acre property is in organic agricultural production, you may choose any location in the orchard or in the shady grove of magnificent oak trees.  

Intimate wedding ceremony in the orchard - Cornelius Orchard & Farm Wedding Reception Tables -  Cornelius Orchard & Farm Wedding Ceremony in orchard with towering oak trees. - Cornelius Orchard & Farm Wedding Ceremony & Dancing-  Cornelius Orchard & Farm Cornelius Orchard & Farm Parking Area.

Farm History

The Cornelius Orchard and Farm property was established in 1878, and was purchased by the Cornelius family in the early 1970’s. The 106-acre property extends nearly one mile from 53rd Street to the Mary’s River. Much of the orchard was originally planted in the 1930’s and 1940’s. The oak trees pre-date the establishment of the farm.

Cornelius Orchard & Farm • Orchard in Spring • Corvallis, OR


Ample parking is located on site, with a sweeping path from the parking field through the oak grove to the orchard.  A walk-in refrigerator and freezer are available for you and your caterer to use during your event.  Electrical outlets are available along the entire length of the orchard and hazelnut grove. There are two homes on the property, which are not available for rent, but may provide stunning backdrops for your photographer.

Farm Wedding • Caleb & Jen - Cornelius Orchard and Farm Cornelius Farm Driveway in Fall • Corvallis, OR - Cornelius Orchard and Farm Bountiful cherry & pear trees in our organic orchard. - Cornelius Orchard and Farm Cows grazing in fields under a double rainbow at sunset. - Cornelius Orchard and Farm Mary's Peak view from Cornelius Farm at sunset.  - Cornelius Orchard and Farm

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your venue cost?

For 2018 our rate is $3200. Rental includes access to the venue for most of three days:

• Friday from 10am to 9pm for set-up and rehearsal (and rehearsal dinner, if you wish).
• Saturday from 10am to 11pm.
• Sunday from 10am to 4pm for clean-up and removal of your decorations and other items.

Can your venue accommodate a large wedding?

Our largest wedding to date had 240 guests, and was easily accommodated in the orchard.  We have parking for 250 cars.

Does Cornelius Orchard and Farm provide tables, chairs and linens?

We do not provide these, but recommend you rent them from Special Occasions here. Their staff is professional and helpful, and we work closely with them to make sure your special day is hassle-free. We accept delivery from Special Occasions on Thursday or Friday before your event, and they will generally pick-up the rented items on the Monday after your event.

Are there bathrooms at the Farm?

We provide three portable toilets from Better Portable Toilets (found here). One is ADA compliant, one is a pink deluxe model (no urinal) and the other is a blue deluxe model.

Can we have amplified music?

Yes. Amplified music must be at a decibel level that does not disturb our neighbors. All music must be turned off by 10pm, and guests must be off the property by 11pm.

Can we choose any caterer, florist or photographer we want?

Yes you can.

Can we serve alcohol?

Beer, wine, cider and mead are fine. Sorry, no hard liquor allowed. If you plan to do the serving you will have to get an alcohol rider added to your liability insurance. If you have a caterer serve the alcohol, they will already have the required insurance and will need to list Cornelius Orchard & Farm as an additional insured.

Will we be required to buy liability insurance?

Yes. We require you to purchase a Comprehensive General Liability insurance policy, in the amount of $1,000,000 naming Cornelius Orchard & Farm as an additional insured. If you shop around we think you will find that EventHelper.com has the best rates. We even use them for our own family events. If you use this link our venue information will automatically be entered on the policy and they will forward the necessary documentation to us. Their price automatically includes the alcohol rider.

Where do people usually hold the ceremony?

There are dozens of lovely places to hold your ceremony. Most of our clients choose the largest open spaces near the center of the Orchard.

Are real candles ok?

Yes, if they are enclosed in a votive or other container and are not placed directly under trees or close to flammable material.

What other decorations may I put up?

Your imagination is your limit for decorating the orchard and barn. We do forbid the use of nails, staples or other permanent means of attaching decorations to trees or buildings. If you aren’t sure how to attach your decorations, please ask!

May we bring pets?

A pet or two that are part of a ceremony, and service animals are allowed at Cornelius Orchard and Farm. We request that all others be left at home.

Is overnight parking in the field allowed?

Yes, absolutely. If your guests are not safe to drive, we prefer they catch a ride and come get their car in the morning.

Can we camp in the parking field?

Sorry, no, we cannot accommodate camping anywhere at Cornelius Orchard and Farm.

Are there any available dates for 2018?

Thank you for your interest in Cornelius Orchard & Farm. Please inquire with us about available dates for our venue below.

Contact Us

For availability or additional questions please either use the contact form below, or call Kevin at 541-740-6972 or Janet at 541-231-4899 daily between the hours of 9 AM - 5 PM. We look forward to speaking to you about your special event!